About Us

We live in a culture with an endless number of appealing beverage choices. We are embracing the culture by providing a fun, professional, well organised and affordable service to ensure that our clients and their guests can just relax and enjoy their events.

We are the keepers of the mobile bar culture, a team of experienced and energetic bar tenders who are experts in coordinating a select number of bar services as required by our client in any part of South Africa

The client’s ideas and needs for their events influence our creativity to develop and evolve the culture. We have the spirit of the artisan which is to continually improve to keep with the trends and innovations.

Your Brand

It’s all about your brand; we are here to personalize the bars, the cups and menus with your company identity enhancing brand awareness and interaction. Let us be the ambassadors of your brand at events.

The Barista

It’s not always about the coffee brand or machinery used when it comes to getting the perfect drink however it is mostly about who makes the drinks and we have the best guys for your events.


Bar Solutions

Coffee Bar

What started as an affinity for coffee has now grown into a culture. It is the culture of sharing quality coffee with anyone and everyone. Coffee is our craft, our ritual, our passion therefore we are here to enhance the craft of coffee making all because you deserve a well crafted drink.

Smoothie Bar

For those who love fruit, there is nothing more refreshing in any day than a good smoothie. The fruity ingredients are blended together in such a way that doesn’t let anything interfere with their goodness.

Gelato Bar

Our good gelato is defined by its uniquely smooth texture and intensely pure flavour. Indulge and you might as well be in Italy.

Milkshake Bar

We simply provide premium milkshakes that are hand blended in small batches for your indulgence and pleasure.

Freezochino Bar

One of the greatest drinks to hit the coffee bars ever is the freezochino ~ iced coffee with a twist. Due to the barista’s secret ingredient, our freezos or frappes (as we call them) are of high quality that is not only delicious; but healthy too.

Frozen Yogurt Bar

Nothing feels like summer more than a smooth icy, refreshing real fruit frozen yoghurt on a warm sunny day. With its creamy texture and perfectly balanced taste, our blend offers a refreshing taste without compromising the genuine yoghurt back taste.

Cocktail Bar

Our offering is about living, about lifestyle, about luxury – not just about drinking. For this reason, we offer a variety of alcoholic and non alcoholic signature cocktails to entertain guests as well as reflect on the theme of the event.

Slush Puppie Bar

This amazing Ice Crystal non-carbonated drink will simply POP and BURST all your taste sensations to another level. Nothing is more refreshing than millions of tiny ice crystals in a rainbow of flavours.

Sorbet Bar

The world is full of ingredients that are great at being delicious - so great, that they are used in our sorbettos. Fruity sorbets that would make you question what life would be like without them. Enjoy the frozen smooth essence of the fruit.

Contact Us

Email: info@mobilebarculture.co.za

Tel: 011 051 7174

Cell: 072 128 9246

Fax: 086 687 9647

69 Turf Club Street
Homemakers Village
office 5 Turffontein

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